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Pip Studio “Home” Individual 3 Piece Tea Cup Set



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Pip Studio “Home” Individual 3 Piece Tea Cup Set

The “Home” collection designed by Pip Studio in England is truly a work of art!  Your private tea time will be enhanced by the sheer beauty of this gorgeous 3 piece set which includes an 9 oz tea cup, saucer and luncheon plate.  The individual set is available in 3 different colors - khaki, light blue or pink.   In each color category, the pattern on the cup, saucer and luncheon plate are different, but they coordinate so beautifully when put together.

You have a choice of the khaki, light blue or pink color pattern.  Each individual set includes:

1 - 9 oz Tea Cup

1 – 6 3/8″ Saucer

1 – 7″‘ Luncheon Plate

If you feel so inclined, purchase one set in each color, along with one of the Pip Studio “Home” teapots.  Invite a few friends over and share the beauty.  Birds of a feather, stick together!

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