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My 20 year relationship with tea has taken me on many wonderful adventures. It has also given me the opportunity to learn about different tea cultures and build friendships with other passionate tea enthusiasts from around the world.

While pursuing a tea education through the Specialty Tea Institute, it became increasingly evident to me that I needed to find a way to share my growing love for tea with others, so I started a blog called “The Tea Enthusiast’s Scrapbook”. The blog takes you on a journey through a tea lover’s archives. I had no idea blogging would deepen my passion for “all things tea” and increase my desire to share tea with others in a more tangible way.

Having traveled around the world to learn more about tea cultures, one particular trip really brought home the very essence of the “tea experience”. While in Taiwan on a tea tour, visiting tea houses in the hills of Muzha, I became overwhelmed with emotion as I sipped tea with the natives. Time stood still! I witnessed how tea played such an important role in the community. It was a normal routine for family and friends to gathered together to talk, eat and fellowship with each other over a cup of tea.  During my return flight home, I  kept pondering how I could bring this special tea experience back to my community.  I needed to find away to share all the different aspects of tea which have left a lasting impression on me over the years.  This is how the  “Tea Lover’s Archives” was conceived.

The Tea Lover’s Archives is an online store which offers everything you need to create your own special “tea experience”. There is a selection of unique teas, teaware and tea accessories from around the world. You will also find tidbits of tea history, tea education and tea inspiration as you scroll through the archives. In addition, please make sure you periodically visit the event page to get information about upcoming events.  There really is something for every generation to enjoy.  I look forward to sharing my tea passion with you.

Thank you for visiting The Tea Lover’s Archives!
Darlene Meyers-Perry


My Tea Bio
Certified Tea Specialist/Tea Association of the USA Member/Specialty Tea Institute Level 4 Graduate 2012/Mid Atlantic Tea Association Board Member/Member of The Association of Tea Bloggers/Floating Leaves Taiwan Tea Tour 2010/World Tea Expo Tea Business Boot-camp Graduate 2010/World Tea Expo Volunteer 2011 & 2012/SUNY Confucius Institute for Business/International Tea Farms Alliance & Global Tea Tasters Club Member/Founder of the “Tea & A Dream” Program 2012/Coffee & Tea Festival Exhibitor Fall 2012